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The City of Mississauga celebrated International Open Data Day on March 5th, by hosting the city’s first official Open Data event, Code and the City! This was the first public “hackathon”-style event co-produced with Sheridan College, ICUBE UTM, and presenting sponsor, SOTI Inc

This unique partnership signified the start of Mississauga’s Official Open Data Community, the debut of Mississauga’s Open Data Platform, and an engaging community event! 82 individuals converged onto the Sheridan College Hazel McCallion campus to celebrate, create, and collaborate using Open Data!

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Mississauga’s Official

Open Data Community

We launched Mississauga’s first Official Open Data community! It’s premise is to initiate collaboration and transparency between government, educational institutions and residents of Mississauga.  We also successfully signed 91 individuals of varying disciplines to join our home at!

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Open Data Platform on iPhone

Mississauga’s Official

Open Data Catalog

Mississauga is committed to transparency of information and our new data-set catalog reinforces that. We saw an opportunity to improve the Open Data Platform and redesigned for Code and the City!

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Idea Jam


Over 75 creators from all disciplines converged within the Code and the City Idea Jam! Artists, data analysts, designers, developers, mappers, and individuals who simply had an idea collaborated to design a solution promoting social responsibility and civic engagement. Teams and individuals submitted a total of 17 solutions for a chance to place in the top 3, win prize money and bragging rights!

Attendee Distribution










Artist (Creative)
Data Science (Info Analysis, Data Interpretation)
Designer (UX, UI, Visualization)
GIS (Mapping)
I've got a great idea!

Social Media


We got social and joined forces with our event partners Sheridan College and ICUBE UTM to put the word out about Code and the City. Our event hashtag circulated the social landscape making its way through Twitter, Facebook, and a new channel, Periscope!

Social Media Stats

5 Posts
7,701 people reached (organic)
15,125 people reached (paid)
13 tweets
20 tweets
144 re-tweets
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(Live broadcast) 

Top 3 broadcast 5% retention rate (53 live views, 28:09 min)
Awards broadcast 100% retention rate (9 live views, 07:45 min)

Open Workshops

Learning opportunities were made available through a schedule of Open Workshops, led by industry professionals and event sponsors. Various disciplines were covered ranging from development to data interpretation. The table below illustrates the workshops offered at Code and the City.

Workshop Discipline Host Instructor
Building Geospatial apps using the Open Data Portal GIS Esri Canada Cam Plouffe
The Wonderful World of Websites Web Design Sheridan College Harsh Thakkar, Amandeep Patti
Giving data meaning through Storytelling Data Interpretation Sheridan College John Wang
Web & Mobile development internals Development UTM Arnold Rosenbloom
ES2015 & ES2016 Web standards Development Microsoft Canada Rami Sayar


Event Application

Moving forward, there is an opportunity to create an event-based solution which provides a defined level of engagement, information, and location-based features. The solution would cater to two distinct user personas, the participant and the spectator. The solution could be coded either in HTML5 for universal web application or platform-specific as a client-based mobile application in iOS and/or Android. Exploration into this opportunity would also fall into the mobile development opportunities discussed within the City of Mississauga. The mock-ups above illustrate a sample solution. The live interactive prototype may be viewed below.




David Soo
City of Mississauga

1st Place

The Librarians

“The Librarians” took home 1st place honours with their “Smart Sauga” solution. Their idea was a crowd-source based mobile application which connected volunteers to individuals seeking volunteer and/or community service based work. 

The Librarians are Keyan Kwan, Daniel Tyrala, Laura Martinez, and Lucien Peron.

2nd Place

Solutions Bureau

“Solutions Bureau” secured 2nd place with their “Parking” solution. Their idea was a location-based mobile application which plotted parking infraction data onto a map. Individuals would utilize the information to determine the appropriate location and time to park their vehicle.

The Solutions Bureau are Trevor Kinsie, Christopher Goguen, and Oleksandr Bolgarov.

3rd Place

Team A&T

“Team A&T” took home 3rd place with their “MiWave” solution. Their idea was a location-based mobile application which determined the feasibility of catching a bus using schedule-based transit data. The system also integrated a two-way interaction to submit a “rendezvous” request to the driver of the bus.

Team A&T are Alan Simon, Peter Phan, and Gregory Wood.

Moving forward

Code and the City was a success and garnered significant interest to continue the event in 2017 and beyond. City of Mississauga staff, Mayor and Council, event partners and sponsors have committed to growing our relationship to support the open data community. In 2017, the 2nd Annual Code and the City event will evolve into a weekend-long Hackathon! 

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